Create Your Own Gift Box- Diwali


A fully customizable Create Your Own Gift Box – Diwali to gift your loved ones this Diwali!

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It is certainly everyone’s favorite time of the year. Love, laughter, joy, celebration, and frivolity permeate the air! To increase the beauty of this season manifold, we bring to you our one-of-a-kind Create Your Own Gift Box – Diwali. 

About the Gift Box

This box can be completely customized based on your preference. You can select options from the different menus below. The base price of rupees 400 covers gift box, shipping, and decoration. 

Gifting Suggestions:

To make your loved ones absorb all the positivity and happiness that Diwali brings, we suggest you curate a beautiful Diwali hamper with us. The Create Your Own Gift Box is perfect for your friends, besties, colleagues, and bosses! It’s even wonderful for your uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, parents, and grandparents (we hope we didn’t miss any relation :P)

Why the Create Your Own Gift Box – Diwali should be your go-to gift this Diwali?

We all are well aware of (and have probably done this at least once in our lives) the good old thing where we hardly make any effort to buy the best Diwali gifts for our loved ones, rather just ‘jugaadhofy’ the gifts 😛 But what fun is that? Unless you add a touch of personalization to the gifts you actually aren’t celebrating the festival the way it is supposed to be celebrated. This Diwali should be all about putting in your one hundred percent to bring a smile to the faces of the people you love <3 Give them something they will cherish and hold close to themselves forever!

The Create Your Own Gift Box-Diwali is perfect because of the huge range of gifts you can add to the hamper. From soft toys, chocolates, a wide array of gourmet gifts, and lifestyle gifts to gorgeous self-care and personalized gifts. The special gifts for Diwali make this gift box all the more special. Do you want us to tell you the gifts too? Well, no! Go see for yourself what’s in store for you! 

Happy Diwali, much love and light to you and your loved ones <3 


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